Media Coverage of the Indian Child Caravan

V319 CKVU The Vancouver Show - Foster Home Program in B.C. Forum

(October 14, 1980)
Run time: 20:58
Talk show where people were invited to speak about their experiences with the Foster Care Program in British Columbia. Special appearances by Chief Wayne Christian, Chief George Manuel and John Noble (Deputy Minister of Human Resources).

V327 BCTV Webster - Child Caravan

(October 14, 1980)
Run time: 38:07
Excerpt from a talk show that discusses the foster care system in British Columbia and the Indian Child Caravan. Special appearances by Chief George Manuel, Chief Wayne Christian, and Grace McCarthy (Minister of Human Resources).

V336 CBC Pacific Report - Apprehensions

Run time: 16:28
Talk show interviewing Aboriginal people who experienced the foster care system in British Columbia first hand.